24 Hour Advanced Reservations is an upgrade provided by BoatyBall. This upgrade is limited to 8 boats per week and is booked on a first come first serve basis.

The ability to reserve moorings in advance is the most requested feature we recieve.

BoatyBall still feels that same day reservations are ideal for the BVI where plans change as frequently as the weather. However, we understand the desire to be able to plan in advance.

For boaters interested in reserving in advance, reserving multiple nights on the same mooring, or simply not wanting to wake up at 7 am while on vacation we now have a solution. BoatyBall has the ability to enable advanced reservations for a limited number of users each week.

By limiting the number of users each week this will ensure that over 90% of reservable moorings in the BoatyBall application are available for same day reservations. It will also ensure that users with the 24 hours advanced reservation feature enabled will be able to reserve a mooring in the bay of their choice.

This advanced reservation feature is not for everyone and we expect a very limited number of boaters to choose this option. For those that would like this option we will be making this feature available through a weekly subscription with the ability to add additional days if needed.

Cost: $479.00 for 24 Hours Advanced Reservations for 7 consecutive nights
Good for one user and one boat
“Reserve Your Spot Today”