• BoatyBall Reference Guide

BoatyBall is a web based application that allows boaters to reserve mooring balls, pay for selected first come first serve moorings, make diners reservations, request dockage, and much more while in the British Virgin Islands. Currently, there are two types of moorings in the BoatyBall program: Reservable and First Come First Serve (FCFS) moorings.

Reservations Only Moorings

The Reservable mooring balls are bright orange, a different shape, have numbers on them, and will have the BoatyBall logo clearly visible. Through the web based application, you will be able to reserve any mooring that is in the reservations only program.

The First Come First Serve mooring balls are white with an orange BoatyBall sticker on them. They will also have a sticker with a 3 letter code. These moorings can be paid for on the BoatyBall app.

Tips & Precautions: First and foremost, DO NOT TIE up to a reservations only mooring ball unless you have reserved it. DO NOT BE THAT CAPTAIN that ties up to a mooring ball reserved by someone else. Captains that violate this policy will have their accounts and boats suspended permanently. Make sure your mooring ball number you tie up to matches the ball number you reserved.

Tip & Precautions: Not all mooring balls in the BVI’s are in the BoatyBall program. If you are going to use the application to pay for a BoatyBall mooring, please ensure that you are tied up to a BoatyBall mooring. Failure to do so can result in the loss of your payment.

Get Started

To get started using the App:
  1. Go to and select “Boater Application”
  2. Create account and look for confirmation email
  3. After confirming account, enter boat information and payment methods under the account profile. You must have a “current” boat in your profile in order to make a reservation.
Reserve a Mooring
  1. Reservable moorings are made availalbe every morning at 7 am local time. They are bright orange, numbered, and can only be paid for at
  2. Orange moorings in the application are available for reservation. Gray moorings have already been reserved.
  3. To reserve, go to your desired bay in the application and select an orange mooring. Tap on “Reserve”. This reserves the mooring and you have 4 minutes to complete the transaction. Select “Pay” to pay for your transaction. Once the transaction is completed a red flag will appear in the location of your reserved mooring. You will also recieve a confirmation email.
  4. Check in and check out for the reservable moorings is 12 pm.
First Come First Serve Mooring
  1. First Come First Serve Moorings in the BoatyBall program are white bouys with orange BoatyBall stickers on them that have a three letter identifier.
  2. Once tied up and secured to a mooring, log into your account at Then use the application to select a blue mooring in your current bay.
  3. The application will prompt you to enter a three letter identifier before payment. Enter the three letter identifier that is on your bouy, check the “I Accept” box for the First Come First Serve terms and press the submit button. A new page will appear that has the location of the mooring you are paying for, ie Cooper Ilsand Beach Club, the date(s) of your stay, and a PAY button (Apple pay button may be visible as well).
  4. Press the PAY button and you are done. You will receive an email verification of your payment. Keep this as it is proof of your payment for your stay.
Request Dinner Reservations, Dockage, & Provisions
  1. Icons in the application provide links to the BoatyBall website which provides additional information and allows you to submit requests that will go directly to the establishment.
  2. Go to the planning section of the BoatyBall website or search in the website by island and bay. You can then request dockage, dinner reservations, and other services directly from the website.
  3. Once a request is submitted, a representative form the establishment will respond to confirm availability