About us was created to provide boaters with a more secure way to pay, stay, and play.  Every BoatyBall mooring has been professionally installed and is in an active maintenance program so you can relax and enjoy your stay. has mooring balls in prime locations throughout the British Virgin Islands. has moorings that can be reserved through the app. makes it easy for boaters to pay.  After setting up your account you can easily reserve and pay for a mooring ball in a matter of seconds.  The ability to reserve a mooring ball allows boaters to spend more quality time on the water enjoying everything the BVI has to offer. is a more secure way to stay.  Every mooring on the app has been professionally installed and is in an active maintenance program.  One of the pleasures of the BVI is the multitude of moorings in the most beautiful bays in the world.  However, not all moorings are installed properly or maintained and it is very difficult as a boater to determine which moorings are secure.  The charter boat companies require boaters to use moorings that have been maintained, but in reality, is it is very difficult to know which moorings are in a maintenance program.  If your mooring fails, your dream vacation can quickly turn into a nightmare.  With all mooring balls are professionally installed, maintained, and insured so you can stay with confidence. allows boaters to relax and play.  Knowing you have a reserved mooring waiting for you on arrival to your favorite bay allows boaters to spend more time enjoying all the beauty of the BVI.  That means more time with the family enjoying snorkeling, diving, fishing, National Parks, or just sailing the ocean blue.  Through the app, you can research restaurants, bars, dive sites, fishing charters, parks and other activities around your favorite bays so you can enjoy everything the BVI has to offer. is committed to taking any stress out of your stay in the BVI.  If you have any suggestions, comments, or feedback on how we can improve your experience please let us know.

Our story

We love the BVI and everything it has to offer.   The only stress and anxiety that we have experienced in the BVI were around mooring balls, so we set out to create a solution to make the perfect vacation even better.  Fortunately, there are hundreds of moorings in settings that can only be described as paradise.

Various municipalities have installed these mooring balls to generate income, encourage tourism, and protect reefs and the seagrass floor from the damage anchoring can cause.  However, these mooring balls are in high demand and it is not uncommon to see multiple boats jockeying for the same mooring ball.  This is stressful and can be unsafe. Also, we have learned over the years that not all mooring balls are installed properly or maintained, making it hard to relax once tied up to a mooring.

We came up with the idea of after pulling into one of our favorite bays early one afternoon to find out that every mooring ball had been taken.  A storm was coming so we quickly headed over to another bay and found one available mooring ball.  But as we tied off to it, we realized it was damaged.  At this point the storm was on us and we had to go to a third bay to find a mooring. We did not have time to dive down and check the mooring to make sure it was secure, so we had to trust that it would hold us through the storm.  That night we came up with the concept of

My wife loves knowing in the morning that we have a place reserved for that night, my kids love spending more time diving and snorkeling during the day, and I sleep better at night knowing that I am tied up to a mooring ball that has been professionally installed and maintained.  We hope you will give a try during your next trip to the BVI.